The Crisper Things Club
Crisp is key.
Basic Concepts
Recreational Activities
Rules and Disbandment
TCTC focuses on discussng the more crisp things in life.
We also have our own heroes and generals squad, The Crisper Things Squad.
The number one rule of this organization is to always think crispy.
Number two is that we don't tolerate softness, you must be firm, and crisp at heart. Thrid, Respect the captains ( Dry, EpicBlob, and Loonce. If any of these rules are broken, the rule breaker will forever be branded as uncrisp and will be banned from the TCTC for eternity.

What We Do
Why We Do It
The Crisper Things Club  is a club where all things crispy can be acknowledges and openly welcomed through our members. Additionally we play games such as Heroes and Generals, and Rust hence The Crisper Things Squad.
Cause' why not? 
How Can You Help
Join Us
You can help by joining our club and spreading the word of crisp. Also you can help by devoting your time (and money) into getting us games so we can start our youtube channel for Heroes and Generals, and other games. For future reference, our youtube chanell will be called Crispy Squad Gaming.
If you want to join this organization, add us on steam saying that you want to joint he group. You will then be given an interview to see if your heart is crisp and pure. After the club has expanded, some of you will be promoted and will be able to perform such interviews and occasinally be on our youtube channel.

The Church of Crispe

December 25, 4 B.C.

The Church of Crispe (TCC) has dated back thousands of years, back when it was first created in 4 B.C. Up until now, TCC has been cherished and praised by TCTC through annual sacrifices and weekly seminars.
Our religion is called Crispianity and all people who worship this religion are called Crispians.  Some of our basic rules of Crispianity is that we can't eat or feel anything soft for if we do, Crispe himself will send us down to the dark, squishy land of softness rather then up above to crispien.